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Black Friday App Shopping

Sometimes people think that I comb the iTunes store on a regular basis for new apps, not so. I do spend a lot of time on tech but I don’t have time to find new tech in the iTunes store.  I regularly get information about new apps via twitter and from the blogs I follow.  When I do find an app I want to try, I’m often hesitant to spend money on it if it isn’t free.  Unfortunately, as the iTunes stores has gotten bigger and bigger the quality of free apps have declined.  So you’re in a pickle trying to figure out if an app is worth the money or if you can get a decent app if it is free.  I rely on the wisdom of fellow educators that have already tried apps but often until you try the app yourself you will not know if it works for you.  So when you’re thinking about taking the leap you might want to know if the app every goes on sale? If it does go on sale, how often will it be on sale?

AppShopper AppAppShopper is a great free tool for so many reasons. When you search for apps on the AppShopper site or app it tells you if the app has ever gone on sale, for how long, etc.  If you’re not ready to buy an app because you noticed that it regularly goes on sale but you don’t have the time or patience to regularly check if it is on sale or not you can create an app wish list.  Getting alerts about apps that go on sale via AppShopper is how I was able to purchase 5 or 6 during the “Black Friday” sales.  I had been wanting to purchase those apps but just had not pulled the trigger yet.  It is easy to add apps to your wish list via their website and ipad/iphone app but receiving alerts on your ipad/iphone app is the best way to keep up to date about new sales and app updates.  In addition to keeping up to date about apps on your wish list you’re also able to have a list of apps you already own so you get alerts when there are updates.  I’m not sure how this is better than just using the app store updates list but it is an available feature.  Currently you can’t share lists with others or create multiple types of wish lists but there are few complaints I have about AppShopper and its the tool I always use when I’m shopping for new apps.  With the holiday seasons years, I predict more and more apps will be going on sale so create a wish list for apps you’ve been considering buying so you get the best deal possible.  We all love a good deal even if it is on a 99 cent app.


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