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End of the Month

Typically in the school setting the end of the month does not mean as much as it does in the business world.  In the special ed world dates like count days, school breaks, etc., are the most important days.  Even though the end of the month is not typically super important for us I do organize some of worked based on months and so the end of the month inspired me to share one of my favorite organization tools, MileTracker.

Since I have 4 buildings and as much as I try to stay put in my building each day, driving between buildings is inevitable. So I regularly log mileage and it is a pain to try to write everything down long-hand or go back through my calendar or notes and recreate a log.  MileTracker is my savior.  Not only does it “learn” the mileages between my regular buildings so I only have to enter it once, it easily exports logs via email so you can copy and paste your mileage in to your district’s required forms.


Like I discussed above the biggest pro is that MileTracker saves locations and will remember the mileage between two locations and automatically apply it to the entry when you travel between those same places again.  Also your locations are easily saved in your “Frequent Locations” list so you don’t have to retype the name of the location in every time.  MileTracker exports logs easily at the end of the week, month or end of the year in a CSV format (comma separated value) file which is easily converted in to an Excel file.  If your district/employeer requires you to describe why you’re traveling from one building to another you’re also able to add a description to your entry.  These descriptions can also be saved as you add them in each time.  Activities such as meetings, assessments, consultations, etc. can be in your “Frequent List” and you’ll have them already set-up for quick and easy entry.

While my district has a mileage list for every possible combination of building to building commutes there are times I go to a building that is not listed in the mileage book. I’m easily able to gather mileage by starting from your current location before you leave and ending at your destination.  If you don’t have your mileage list setup or you’re going to a new location you haven’t entered in the past there is no need to look up the mileage when you make the entry.  The app alerts you if an entry does not have a mileage entered.   The number displayed in the red circle on the app icon shows how many entries have empty mileage entries.

The ability to backup your logs using services like Dropbox, SynchDocs, and iCloud is also a plus.  The amount of information you can gather for each entry can be as detailed or a streamlined as you’d like.  You have the ability to turn on and turn off different fields such as reimbursed, notes,files, etc.  Many of these fields are appropriate for business users but it is great to be able to turn off the fields you don’t need.


The app does not sync between devices for free. You can purchase an add-on sync features that utilizes Dropbox if you need to be able to sync between devices.  I’ve found that because my iPhone is always with me that having MileTracker on my iPhone works the best and I rarely think, “Oh I need to log my mileage” and then reach for my iPad. I have not purchased the sync option and I don’t feel like I need it.

It’s pretty clear, based on the length of the “pro” section and the “con” section that I’m a fan of MileTracker.  I’m so much of a fan that I purchased one of the company’s other apps to keep track of my daily activities and such but that will be a future blog post.

Do you have any other mileage tracking apps that you like? Any features MileTracker has that yours does not have? Or features your preferred mileage app has that MileTracker doesn’t have?  I certainly did not provide an exhaustive list of all of the features so there may be parts I missed but are important to you.  Post any questions or comments about the app in the comments section below.


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  1. Jason Collins said:

    Great post. I love this app, and the developers are very responsive to the needs of their customers. A previous version of the app did not allow me to automatically deduct milage for my typical commute, which I need to do when I travel to a district from home instead of the office. I emailed the developers, they responded and asked questions to clarify exactly what I needed, and a couple of versions later this feature was added.

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